BGP 027 Joe Choi – Turning Ideas Into Reality

Joe ChoiJames Altucher challenged Joe Choi to write a book. Within 11 days he completed “Happy Foods”. He talks about turning ideas into reality.

Joe’s latest experiment and project is 1,000 Monthly Blog Visitors You’ll discover how to overcome the roadblocks that come your way with new ideas.

0:00 – Introduction with Joe Choi

0:46 – How he got the idea and created his book “Happy Foods”

5:14 – Why outside insight can overcome your roadblocks

7:20 – REMEDY for FEAR

Talking about Tim Fite the interview

11:26 – When to finish and idea or cut and run

14:08 – Joe’s current project 1,000 Monthly Blog Visitors

21:30 – Writing and Selling your passion

22:52 – How consistency and execution effects relationships

24:45 – What mentorship really looks like

Say thanks to Joe and check out his website

30:40 – Joe’s 48 hour challenge