BGP 029 – Dan Norris – The 7 Day Startup

Dan Norris“The 7 Day Startup,? a must-have book for startups by Dan Norris. We talk about building a business with growth in it?s DNA. In 10 months from $0 to $16,000 a month in recurring revenue. Free copy at

0:00 – Introducing Dan Norris and his fantastic beard

2:06 – You Don?t Learn Until You Launch

3:35 -?? ?Who?s paying me?? – In 10 months from $0 to $16,000 a month in recurring revenue

5:07 – What he did different on this new startup

6:28 – Is what you?re doing profitable? How much profit margin is there?

10:20 – His “NO LIST?

15:05 – How solving your customers problem automatically grows your business

17:42 – Brining new employees into the business

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23:30 – Growing with more customers not enterprise

29:20 – Dan laughs at a half million dollar investment/valuation

32:57 – What we would do with a $75,000 investment

35:45 – Getting distracted

37:45 – Naveen Dittakavi?s example of staying in the model he loves

41:25 – Why the key focus is on the customer

54:10 – Get a copy of his free book ?The 7 Day Startup? or hit him up at

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