BGP 030 Stephen Key – Building Your Idea Muscle

Stephen KeyStephen Key, best-selling author of One Simple Idea shares how to build your idea muscle and get your ideas to market the fastest and easiest way possible.
0:00 – Introduction

0:47 – Licensing, renting ideas to new partners

2:35 – Stephens story of “Hot Picks” guitar picks with Taylor Swift

4:46 – “Love your customers and they will love you back”

6:05 – Don’t reinvent the wheel with licensing ideas

7:54 – The Michael Jordan basketball idea

11:08 – Building your idea muscle

14:33 – Minimum Viable Product for licensing ideas

17:00 – Speed to market is the best way to protect your ideas

19:38 – From gag gifts to evergreen products

21:40 – What he would do different if he started over again

24:08 – The ultimate art is business

26:02 – How you can apply licensing to grow your business

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28:24 – The 48 hour challenge

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