BGP 032 Joel Widmer – Productivity Hacks

Joel WidmerJoel Widmer talks about productivity hacks for entrepreneurs. We speak about the boring things you can do to become more productive as a business owner.

He recently put out a course with raving reviews. Check it out here

0:12 Introduction

1:32 Finding the sweet spot” for productivity

3:06 The myth of naturally productive people

4:55 Making the transition from being lazy to a hard worker

7:24 How to trick yourself into being more productive

10:50 What to do to be more productive with email

11:53 Being productive as a solopreneur

14:04 Josh Kaufman’s 99 Best Business Book article

19:25 Srini Roa 1,000 words a day example of hard work

25:31 Is social media productive or a trap?

29:35 Joel’s guilty pleasure for wasting time

31:13 Ask the question “what am I avoiding?”

33:10 80/20 rule and the extra bit of work

34:16 Article from James Clear

37:35 Boring things to free up mental ability

46:32 Before/After’s of productivity

49:40 Joel’s productivity course

52:03 48 hour challenge

*I’m not compensated for talking about Joel’s course… I just think it’s great stuff that helped me out and will  help you out too.

UPDATED: After hearing listener feedback about favorite resources I came across a valuable review on the time tracker Toggl. Here’s an in-depth review you should check out by Lewis over at Freelance Effect

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