BGP 033 – Best of Business Growth Podcast

After running the Business Growth Podcast for over a year it was hard to choose the top lessons. Overall these 5 conversations had the greatest impact on me, so they made the cut.

I want to thank all the guests who have been on the show. They are all innovative, inspiring and have helped so many other business owners. Thank you.

Today’s Show:

In this special episode you’ll learn from Davis Smith of, Scott Paul of ?Instafluence, and Naveen Dittakavi of

You?ll learn a new way to think of 100 million dollar ideas, why you should suck at everything except 1 key area, and which business model will work best for you,

Lesson 1 comes from?Davis Smith. Why think of?100 million dollar ideas.

Lesson 2 comes from Scott Paul. The importance of building a team.

Lesson 3 also comes from Scott.?Why you should suck at everything thing except this…

Lesson 4 comes from Naveen Dittakavi. What it really means to scale.

Lesson 5 also comes from Naveen. Understanding what you want.

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