BGP 035 Primoz Bozic – Success Systems

Primoz Bozic talks about creating systems and success habits. He also shares the process for surrounding yourself with top performers.

He wrote a 22 page guide on creating bulletproof habits that you can access on his website it’s definetly worth reading. He also wrote one of the most EPIC posts about how to surround yourself with successful people

Show Notes

3:45 – His turning point was when he went to Google and typed in “how to be more social” and found Scott H Young

5:58 – Primoz emailed Scott and asked what he should do with his extra money. Scott referred him to Ramit Sethi at

12:35 – How he developed the habit of taking massive action

19:01 – The system he created for creating habits

23:58 – Overcoming overwhelm

32:17 – His process for connecting with other top performers

45:50 – How he went from $7/h to $250/hr

56:06 – His 48 hour challenge

His report and post are incredibly valuable, you should check them out.

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