BGP 038 Matthew Turner – Storytelling In Business

In our interview Matt talks about using stories to grow a business, meet new people, develop stronger relationships, and be more interesting.

Most people just rattle off facts, but normal people forget the details and only remember the stories? even if you?re one of the weirdos who remembers obscure stats you?ll get something out of this interview too.

Matthew aka Turndog talks about the 3 parts to the storytelling experience. He breaks it down to 1) Discover 2) Create and 3) Share

Listen to this episode to get the full scoop on becoming a better storyteller to grow your business.

Visit Matthew?s website and get his free course on becoming a better storyteller. His site is

He?s also publishing a book shortly called The Successful Mistake and it?s guaranteed to have some interesting stories to make you laugh, cry, and think.