Limitless Entrepreneur with Peter Sage – BGP 40

Peter Sage is truly a limitless serial entrepreneur and has created multiple million dollar companies and continues to coach and inspire entrepreneurs around the world.

His latest venture is a multi-billion dollar company in the clean energy space so he has built businesses in many different sizes and verticals.

In this episode Peter shares lessons on how you can get that winning mindset you need in your personal life and in business. He also shares the powerful statement of ?I Am? and how you truly are good enough.

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01:45 – Are entrepreneurs born or made?

04:04 – Having Dan Pe?a be his mentor

08:35 – Did Peter ever feel limited with his opportunities and abilities?

10:18 – Your emotional bank account feeds your financial bank account

12:26 – The fundamental error we make as business owners

15:06 – How to create a breakthrough with a limitless mindset

17:59 – Why linking your self worth to your net worth puts you on the wrong foundation

24:30 – How being afraid to fail destroys your business

27:27 – One of the first insecurities he looks for in an entrepreneur

31:25 – Fulfillment comes from the ability to grow and the ability to contribute

34:25 – What he thinks about himself? very profound!

37:39 – Why you need to take care of yourself physically

43:12 – The outer world always follows the inner world

45:15 – Upgrading your peer group

51:05 – Peter?s parting advice

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