BGP 042 Jeff Poulton – Entrepreneurship Is Management

Spencer Shaw talks with Rocketmade co-founder Jeff Poulton about successful startup founder personalities. Spencer and Jeff talk about the importance of having a founding team and Jeff explains Scott Paul’s feeder network strategy.

01:29 Describing the startup personality element
03:42 Explanation of the management success
05:44 Benefitting with a founding team
07:23 Exploring Jeff’s partnership with Scott Paul
11:14 Scott’s desire to build a feeder network
12:44 The beginning of Rocketmade
15:35 Uncovering and handling issues with partners directly and immediately
17:57 Latching onto the successful philosophies of Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, and Jason Fried
20:05 Advice that Jeff should’ve taken
22:00 Growth advice: network in your domain and understand your personal impact
24:45 If you want to reach out to Jeff with praises or questions, he can be reached at Jeff at
25:12 Jeff’s upcoming projects to help others learn about the programming craft, including his podcast, the Timemachine app, and Launchpad