How To Set And Accomplish Massive Goals with John Michael Morgan – BGP 46

John Michael Morgan is one of the most inspiring individuals you will meet. He’s worked with some of the greatest companies in the world and authored a best-selling book.

In our conversation we talk about how to overcome self sabotage, create a massive turnaround and set up each day for success. If you check out his blog you’ll see he writes engaging articles about goals, success, and becoming an achiever in life. More important than his business success, he puts his family and faith first. Because of that you will love this powerful message.

Show Notes:
00:30 Introducing John Morgan
01:35 Where to start with goal setting?
02:41 Why there’s no emotion to goals and what to do to fix that
03:54 Are you motivated to gain a reward or prevent pain?
05:38 John’s process to creating clarity.
07:24 Who do I have to be? What habits do I need to have?
09:33 Income improvement follows self improvement.
11:18 Scenario #1 – How to avoid self sabotage and create a turnaround.
16:39 What you can do to create the smallest win.
18:15 Your attitude in the first 15 minutes of the day will determine your attitude throughout the day.
21:02 John shares the details of his morning routine.
29:45 It’s human nature for us to compare.
30:10 Stop comparing yourself to other. Compare yourself to past versions of yourself.
31:33 Make your own rules so you can win
33:03 Scenario #2 – How high achiever’s can accomplish even more
36:05 A lot of people start off and they want to grow and become a leader but the moment they get there they become a manager.
37:04 Why you need to change your environment
41:50 Throughout the day ask: Is the habit and activity I’m doing right now going to make me the person I need to be?
43:41 Spencer’s take away from the conversation.
45:49 John shares his biggest motivator in life and business
47:27 Say thanks to John on Twitter @johnmorgan or