Creating Online Courses for Udemy with Joel Widmer – BGP 47

Joel Widmer is the CEO of Flux Digital Marketing and talks about his success as a content creator and teacher. They dive into the Udemy platform and share insights on creating high quality courses with different strategies for marketing your material.

Show Notes:
00:29 Introducing Joel Widmer
01:38 How to find a topic to teach
03:10 Using reviews to get ideas
04:10 Why most people don’t do the correct research
04:55 Creating a system for putting all your research and ideas together
06:38 Get feedback to avoid analysis paralysis
07:23 How to determine what’s valuable and what’s not
08:02 Teaching a mix of strategic and execution pieces
09:37 Quality standards: The difference that makes the difference
11:50 The 3 different levels of learning
13:35 Why your lectures and sections should be short and succinct
14:35 How to keep people engaged
16:49 Strategies for getting people to take action
17:49 Advice Joel wishes he would have received when he started
19:19 How much time to put into marketing vs content creation
20:53 Run different tests on your titles, images and sales copy
22:35 What KPI Joel is focusing on
24:32 Nailing the promo video to get people interested in your course
30:25 How to create an introduction video and conclusion call to action video
33:29 The true value of feedback and reviews
35:18 Launching a course and marketing it
37:37 Be as clear as possible because many students are outside the USA
38:43 External marketing tips
41:54 What Joel would have done different if he started today?
44:26 Other ways to leverage your course and content
47:22 Say thanks to Joel on Twitter @jwidmer and visit his blog