How To Create Online Courses with Miguel Hernandez – BGP 48

Miguel Hernandez is the founder of Grumo Media. They talk about his fascination of learning and then deconstructing the information and applying it to creating online courses. You can see some of his best courses on the Udemy platform. This is a special interview because Miguel was in BGP Episode 20 a couple years ago.

Show Notes:
00:29 Introducing Miguel Hernandez
03:08 How Miguel learns and processes information
05:03 Why he listens to audio and video at 2x speed or faster
06:45 Consuming information using the food framework
11:16 How to apply what you learn into practice
13:30 Why you should teach others
16:25 How to decide on what topic to teach
19:31 Follow these tips to increase engagement with students
22:19 Designing and structuring your course
25:00 Why it?s so important for people to get a quick win
27:12 Strategies for building support and efficiently educating
29:30 Why Miguel is successful on Udemy
33:44 Building marketing channels and funnels for Udemy courses
35:36 How Udemy rewards you for creating a good course and good conversions
42:55 Leveraging the review credibility
43:34 The fastest way to monetize your knowledge
46:52 What Miguel is focusing on moving forward
48:18 His course funnel is
49:39 What it actually takes to be successful teaching online
54:26 Say thanks to Miguel on Twitter @grumomigs or his blog

Miguel?s courses on Udemy
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