BGP 050 Garrett Robins – Creating The Good Ole Boys Club

Garrett Robins is currently working on a venture in the home automation industry. They talk why you can?t do it all as a business owner and how putting yourself out there by creating a good ole boys club sets you up for success.

Show Notes:
00:30 Introducing Garrett Robins
03:29 What he?s working on right now
03:52 From making $100k a summer selling home security systems to making $8/hr to learn internet marketing
05:42 His newest venture in home automation
08:04 Why he considers his business a marketing company and not a hardware or SaaS company
08:45 How shooting someone in the face with a paintball gun opened up opportunities
09:23 Why he?s laser focused as a marketing company vs SaaS project
10:19 Garrett’s vision to educate entrepreneurs and bring them in as affiliates
11:11 Why the landscape for information products has changed and what?s happening
12:41 What it feels like to scale winning offers
13:52 Getting in with the ?Good Ole Boys Network?
15:38 Putting yourself out there and being willing to sacrifice
16:22 Why you can?t do it all
17:17 What KPI?s he is paying the most attention to
18:34 Nothing tells the whole story like a good old fashion phone call
20:26 It sounds really sexy, but it doesn?t give you sexy money
21:36 How automating as much as you can helps you build something bigger
23:15 The real lessons when walking away from a business and losing money
24:42 The right way to structure the deal when taking outside money
25:45 Assembling the team around you as an entrepreneur
27:36 One of Garrett’s biggest rules with business partners
30:18 This final piece of advice tightly wraps together what successful entrepreneurs do
31:30 Say thanks to Garrett Robins on Instagram or on Facebook

Book – Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson