Business Funding and Credit with Ty Crandall – BGP 51

Ty Crandall from talks with Spencer about business funding and business credit in today?s episode. On BGP episode #49 Spencer interviewed Gerri Detweiler from and talked about building your business credit, so in this episode we dive deeper into another approach to business credit and financing.

Show Notes:
00:30 Introducing Ty Crandall
02:31 Where to start with your business credit
03:56 Using business credit to protect yourself from liabilities
06:20 Why most people don?t set up business credit
07:35 Can you establish business credit with bad credit or bankruptcies?
09:22 What?s the next step for building business credit?
10:06 Establishing vendor accounts
11:07 Establishing major retailer credit
12:15 What timelines you should expect with establishing credit
13:40 The best kind of credit to obtain
15:09 Hidden benefits for credit cards and cash credit
16:53 The difference between and Ty?s company
19:50 The #1 pitfall most business owners face when establishing business credit
22:00 How to get business financing
23:59 Free guide