Creating Your Business Story with Patrick Combs – BGP 52

Patrick Combs is a master storyteller and has a fascinating past of having a show on HBO, consulting with Google and selling out theaters doing a one-man show. Patrick shares the mechanics of a good story so business owners can raise more capital, hire better employees, and convert more prospects into customers.

Spencer runs a real time experiment and shares his story for doing the podcast while Patrick deconstructs the story to make it 100X better.

Show notes:
00:29 Introducing Patrick Combs
01:59 His first mentor
03:09 His crazy transition at 33 years old
03:59 Getting a deal with HBO
05:58 Helping business owners tell their story
06:55 Every entrepreneur has an origin story
08:29 A good origin story tells people in 2-3 minutes your values, your reason for existence, your why, and it humanizes you in a way that draws people closer to you.
09:03 Your signature story
11:20 Spencer telling his signature story and totally sucking at it
13:56 Patrick deconstructing Spencer?s story, starting off with finding the drama
16:31 Start with a climactic moment, have a failure, and then feel your phoenix rising in the second half of the story
19:39 If you take an hour to do the work of crafting your story you will be able to wield it like a master
21:03 First step to telling a good story
22:38 The formula to every good story
24:10 Why the final piece is telling people your why
25:40 Stories trump logic and facts every single time
26:27 The reason why people don?t tell stories
27:43 Listener call to action
29:11 Say thanks to Patrick and take action by reaching out on his site or message him on Facebook