The Habit of Taking Action with Primoz Bozic – BGP 53

Primoz Bozic is the founder of Skyrocket Your Productivity and has mastered the habit of taking massive action. He?s from Slovenia and went from being a computer programmer making $7hr to making over $400hr within a short couple years because of his ability to find good mentors and his dedication to taking action quickly. He was on episode #35 of the podcast and this is a excerpt from that conversation.

Show notes:
00:08 Introduction
01:17 Primoz explains how he developed the habit of taking massive action
01:54 Why we don?t implement all the information we learn
04:15 Going to Ramit?s summit in New York City
05:46 What to do with things we are uncomfortable with
07:05 Setting up the system of implementation
08:28 The habit list system and information digestion process
10:46 Visualize your progress and create a feedback channel