Your Unique Selling Proposition with Craig Garber – BGP 54

Craig Garber joins us on the show?to talk about creating your USP aka Unique Selling Proposition. The USP is the core differentiator of your business and he shares how to find that message and avoid the trap of making your business different by price or other low value ROI tactics.

Show notes:
00:31 Introducing Craig Garber
02:12 Getting to know and meet the legendary copywriter Gary Halbert.
05:49 How to create your USP – Unique Selling Proposition.
07:11 Look at your business and see what?s different about you and what?s appealing to your customer.
08:45 You don?t have to have something that?s unique. Your selling proposition is what has to be unique.
09:33 Ideas on how to design a USP
11:05 Why you shouldn?t focus on price
14:05 Doing something unique creates an experience and helps your customers feel good.
15:05 Finding out what your USP is with your existing business
17:30 Break down your process to see if there?s something that separates you.
20:19 Always talk with past customers and clients and ask: Why did you come back?
21:17 How to craft your USP if you don?t have any customers or feedback.
23:44 Why Craig’s parting advice is to keep it simple.

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