Growing a Scaleable Company with Travis Chambers – BGP 55

Travis Chambers is the founder of Chamber Media, an agency that makes scaleable social videos. Over the past 2 years Chamber Media has had experienced massive growth and worked on the world’s largest business marketing videos. He shares what it?s been like seeing the company grow, how he pivoted and saw skyrocketing growth, and what it takes to assemble a world class team.

Show Notes:
00:13 Introduction snapshot with Travis
02:09 What Chamber Media does
02:58 Creating the NERD Skincare video
03:50 His latest production with HMA video
04:53 Myth #1 – You have to do branding and create relationships before people buy
05:12 Myth #2 – People want raw and low budget stuff on social
05:53 How Travis felt when his company started to take off
06:20 Why they had to evolve away from social shares to driving sales
07:48 Figuring out how to restructure lifestyle from survival to enjoyment
09:00 Understanding your industry comprehension
10:18 Why they stopped pitching Fortune 500 companies
11:30 His prediction within the next 2 years
12:16 How to create a viral company and have employees excited to work
14:36 Say thanks to Travis at ChamberMedia or Twitter or LinkedIn