What It Takes To Go VIRAL with Josh Rossi – BGP 57

Josh Rossi was just named as one of the top Dad?s in People magazine and his photography work is going viral worldwide. He?s the Dad and creative genius behind the little girl Wonder Woman and the most recent Beauty and the Beast hit. He shares what work he did to go viral and how he?s using it to grow his business.

Show Notes:
00:05 Summary highlights of our interview
01:27 Josh?s background
03:30 Why Josh?s photography work is going viral worldwide
05:05 Planning it to go viral
06:29 In a multi-million share viral campaign right now
07:27 You can calculate if it?s going to go viral from 3 pushes 1. Influencer 2. Media 3. Paid Marketing
09:11 The director of the Wonder Woman movie tweeted about it to create the tipping point
09:37 How do you avoid sabotaging a viral campaign
12:26 If you have a success too early you don?t learn the hard work
13:48 The normal things he does to grow his business
14:23 If you build with quality it will benefit you in the future
14:29 Creating his online influencer group
17:27 Building his local influencer group
19:05 Going viral isn?t sexy
19:58 Helping Devin Graham opened commercial opportunities for him
20:33 Provide value to others unexpectedly – the law of reciprocity
21:12 What he?s doing in the future
22:38 Say thanks to Josh and follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/joshrossiphoto

Josh?s film school www.fulltimephotographer.com
Webssite www.joshrossi.com
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/joshrossiphoto
People Magazine about Wonder Woman photo shoot http://people.com/human-interest/utah-dad-spends-1500-on-3-year-old-daughters-wonder-woman-halloween-costume/
Inside Edition about Beauty and the Beast photo shoot http://www.insideedition.com/headlines/21697-photographer-dad-turns-daughter-3-into-princess-for-beauty-and-the-beast-photo-shoot