Growing Your Business with YouTube Ads with Jake Larsen – BGP 58

Jake Larsen is the founder of and has figured out the formula to get YouTube ads to pull in revenue for businesses. Together we talk about the creative and sales process that leads to profits. Jake is a world class guy and a true friend who I trust and you should get to know. Follow his family vlog Larsen Family Soul on YouTube.

Show Notes:
00:04 Summary and highlights of the episode
01:14 Introducing Jake Larsen
03:01 Visiting YouTube headquarters
03:29 Linking the bridge between views and sales
04:45 Why Jake started Video Power Marketing
06:27 Understanding YouTube as a business owner
06:53 Creative + Sales = Profit
08:58 Targeting specific channels and interests
10:49 The creative process behind a video ad
12:02 Strategy to get the viewer to people to watch video ads
13:50 The most important part of the video formula
14:12 Best CTA’s (call to action) for business owners
16:13 Knowing the value of a YouTube subscriber
17:08 How YouTube subscribers are more valuable than email subscribers
18:42 Setting up and optimizing YouTube remarketing ads
21:30 Facebook ads vs YouTube ads
22:58 Where business owners should start
25:53 Say thanks to Jake at or Twitter

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