Growing a Virtual Real Estate Business with Cris Chico – BGP 59

Cris Chico is the creator of virtual wholesaling and revolutionized the real estate investing industry. His superhuman ability is to create systems and processes that make businesses run with minimal effort for maximum results. In this caffeine infused episode, Cris shares the workings of his real estate business and processes for building a successful team.

Show Notes:
00:05 Summary and highlights of this episode
01:32 Cris?s background
02:03 Why he does business different than most real estate investors
03:54 How Cris was able to grow his business while on vacation for 40 days with his family
05:28 The deal flow and systems for running the business
12:24 How he created the deal flow system
13:25 Orchestrating the different technologies together with humans linking everything together
14:32 How to find the right people for your virtual business
17:48 Who the first hire should be in a virtual company
20:15 How to make sure your employees succeed
21:15 Ask your employees what they want to accomplish so they can have their needs met
24:01 Tools and processes to make work more productive and efficient
27:16 Huge take away: What Cris would have done different
29:34 His thoughts on seeking counsel and advice from others
34:05 How to be okay with making mistakes and not having all the answers
35:20 Say thanks to Cris at and subscribe to his YouTube channel

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