How To Persuade People To Take Action with Hugh Culver – BGP 60

Hugh Culver is an extraordinary business owner with experience in many industries. He co-founded the world’s most exclusive adventure company, is a master public speaker and best-selling author. Hugh teaches about productivity, sales and business. In this episode you’re going to learn about productivity and how to use persuasion to increase sales and business relationships. Outside of business he is an elite athlete and volunteers his time with local non-profits.

Show Notes:
00:04 Episode summary and highlights
01:20 Introduced to Hugh through Andrew Warner’s podcast Mixergy
02:10 Selling his first business at a young age with his brother
02:50 Pioneering the first flights to the South Pole
03:31 His current companies and
04:20 The most challenging and frustrating business he’s had
05:33 Persuading suppliers to give better terms, lend supplies and believe in their vision
06:52 The physical challenges of the adventure business that seem insurmountable
07:44 Hugh’s unique skill that made the business succeed
09:00 Having his life threatened and being blackmailed
10:11 Developing skills around time management and getting stuff off your plate
11:25 There isn’t much that gets valued except getting stuff done
12:13 How to find out the most important tasks to do
12:41 Hugh’s planning and task management tool
15:03 Using persuasion skills to sell to customers and business relationships
17:20 Be careful of the ratio of selling the story and talking about the features
17:56 Keynote speaking and delivering content to your audience
19:50 How stories are anchors for lessons
21:34 The client doesn’t care about the details… they care about how it’s going to help them
23:02 Transitioning from 1 on 1 persuasion to group and large audience persuasion
23:18 The 3 part speaking formula
25:29 How to create feelings of trust with your audience
28:04 Say thanks to Hugh on his site or on Twitter

Hugh’s website
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Planning worksheet