Strategies For Managing a Fast Growing Company Part 1 with John Price – BGP 62

John Price is the President of and he’s sharing what it’s like to go from managing 2-3 people in an virtual environment to having a team of 50 people in an office setting. He also shares the vision of their customer service and team success.

Show Notes:
00:04 Summary and episode highlights
01:35 John’s background and his current position
03:28 The current phase of the business
04:41 Management tips of going from a small team of 2-3 people to 50 people
06:28 Outsourcing vs having a team in-house
07:56 Hidden benefits from working at an office and not at home
08:59 What he wishes he would have known when he first stepped into this role
10:51 His biggest game changers with a large team
14:22 Getting everyone committed to the success of the company
15:23 How “being awesome” to their customers has an effect on sales and brand
16:58 Why they are focusing on customers that have allergies
19:55 Listen to Part 2 of the interview:

Part 2 of the interview

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