Strategies For Managing a Fast Growing Company Part 2 with John Price – BGP 63

Part 2 of our interview with John Price, the President of John is sharing insights about getting employees to buy in to the company vision, productivity tips to get more done every day, and why to focus on sales and not branding.

Show Notes:
Listen to Part 1 of the interview:
00:04 Summary and episode highlights
00:46 How to share the company vision with the team and set priorities
03:37 Getting employees to “buy in” and celebrate wins with them
06:45 Orchestrating executive meetings and daily huddles
10:46 The idea of deep work and getting things done
12:21 The importance of saying no and guarding your calendar
13:38 Productivity tip: Learning something new everyday
15:48 How small incremental changes made everyday yield big results
16:45 Branding vs trackable sales
18:33 Cautioning people with putting too much focus on branding

Part 1 of the interview
Book by Jocko Willink – Extreme Ownership
Book by Cal Newport – Deep Work
Book by Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge