Increasing Sales with Facebook Custom Audiences with Kevin Davis – BGP 64

Kevin Davis is the founder of Together we talk about how business owners can use their existing email lists and databases with Facebook custom audiences to increase sales.

Show Notes:
00:04 Episode summary and highlights
00:45 Kevin?s intro and experience with Facebook advertising
03:06 Understanding Facebook custom audiences
04:21 Why custom audiences are the springboard to running any type of ads
05:30 How newer businesses can use this technique
06:57 The process to implement custom audiences
08:54 What type of ads you should start with
11:20 The main reason why paid traffic fails?
14:40 What metrics to understand in your business
17:55 Starting out with smaller budgets
20:03 The challenges most people face when running ads
22:55 Surprise method that got great results
27:49 Kevin?s 3 BIG TIPS
30:19 Why you should be using Google Analytics
30:45 Say thanks to Kevin on and subscribe to his YouTube channel