Making Millions Selling on Amazon with Adam Hudson – BGP 65

Adam Hudson is the founder of and he is making millions selling his own products on Amazon. In our conversation we?ll talk about finding the right products to sell and the best ways to build your product brand so you can eventually sell for multiples.

Show Notes:
00:04 Episode highlights and summary
01:18 Adam?s background
04:34 Why he decided to sell products on Amazon
05:23 The experience of selling his first business
07:57 How selling a business forces you to be more disciplined and smarter in growth
09:10 Spotting opportunities on Amazon
10:53 Is Amazon going to be the first Trillion dollar business?
12:28 Current challenges on the Amazon platform
15:56 Retail arbitrage vs Private Label Products
17:55 Deciding on which type of products to sale (understanding the best seller rank BSR)
21:45 The different types of sellers on Amazon
23:29 Creating your own products vs private label manufacturing
25:21 Secret for negotiating with the Chinese
27:09 Why the relationships with your suppliers and manufacturers is critical
30:36 Getting your supplier to contact you when others want to compete with you
31:59 Creating a professional brand for your Amazon Products
32:22 How to name your products and create your logo and packaging
37:00 Beware where you get your business information

Adam?s website
Book – The Magic of Thinking Big
Book – Built to Sell
Book – Blue Ocean Strategy
Get help naming products – SquadHelp
Get your logo and branding designed – 99Designs
For amazing product photography – Seller Photo