Going an Inch Wide and a Mile Deep with Evan Tardy – BGP 67

Evan Tardy is President of the company Dr. Axe. This year they are shooting to $100 million in revenue for their health and wellness online company. This podcast explores the driver of this 6 and ? year explosive growth- providing value through insightful, not informative, content.

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
00:09 Evan Tardy, President of Doctor Axe
03:49 The INC 500 list
05:11 Snapshot of the current team
07:10 What kind of things have you done to get to $100m
08:49 Put a lot of effort to providing a lot of value upfront
09:18 Goal: get 20 million unique visitors each month
10:27 How did you get world class content from the beginning?
13:51 How do you as the president know how to steer the ship?
14:36 Culture of data and metrics
15:15 Email and how it?s affected the business and growth
19:47 Unpacking the terms insight vs. information
22:41 Backup intuition with data
24:10 How much do you weigh customer insight?
30:08 Connect with Evan Tardy on LinkedIn

Evan Tardy?s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/evantardy/
Dr Axe – https://draxe.com