Business Credit and Cash Flow with Gerri Detweiler of – Episode 71

As a business owner you know that access to capital is one of the most important things in your business. In fact, access to cash is often the constraint that prevents owners from growing their product line, expanding payroll or increasing ad spend. Today’s guest Gerri Detweiler is the world’s leading expert about business credit and she’ll explain what business credit is, how to establish business credit and strategies and timelines for getting access to capital.

Gerri is the Education Director at which is the leading platform for business credit which gives people access to their business credit score for free.



Episode Highlights

  • The differences between personal credit and business credit and why anyone can check your business credit report
  • Surprising reasons why business owners should check their business report
  • Business owners roadmap of where to start establishing credit
  • Payment history is critical
  • Start establishing credit now
  • Go through the show notes so you can see where you can establish credit lines
  • Get your free business credit report from


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