Creating a Business That’s Sustainable Beyond Your Lifetime with Kim Butler – Episode 77

Kim Butler felt like she needed to create a legacy business that would make an impact on generations of people. She talks about the non-profit she created, why she’s motivated to do this work and how she manages her time and focus to accomplish the work ahead of her.

Check out her podcast called The Prosperity Podcast which is about finances and being your own bank at

Episode Highlights

  • Why she runs a principle based business rather than tactics and techniques.
  • Creating a business that’s sustainable beyond your lifetime.
  • The reasons why she created a non profit, and how that’s made such an impact.
  • How you’re defined more by what you say “no” to than what you say “yes” to.
  • Learning the balance of running a virtual business and being face to face at live events.
  • Where she puts the majority of her focus and energy.
  • The biggest lesson you need to learn as a business owner.

Links and Resources Mentioned

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