Creating Value by Simplifying the Path with Dave Zumpano – Episode 125

Who is the person in your life who can make complex things look effortless and simple? What do you think are the processes and systems that they follow?

These are just two of the many questions that Dave Zumpano answered with Spencer. Dave is an entrepreneurial attorney who does not only help people with their businesses but also educates others in creating systems and processes that can make complex things simpler. Dave shares the difference between systems and processes. He also talks about The Who, Not How belief. Dave shares important advice for people who want to add value in their lives: To create value, you have to simplify the path.

Episode Highlights

  • Dave Zumpano is the master of making things look simple
  • Who is Dave Zumpano?
  • Protecting the financial freedom of families: But why Freedom?
  • To create value, you have to simplify the path.
  • How did Dave realize the most important things to simplify?
  • Driving and providing strategy: Matching another person’s strategies with his expertise.
  • Focusing on people working on strategic coaching calls in their unique ability.
  • The Who, Not How book.
  • Difference between a process and a system.
  • How to reach out and get in touch with Dave?
  • Words of advice: Read and consume more information to help you with your business and let it grow.

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