Dave Crenshaw – Creating a Focused Business

Dave CrenshawDave Crenshaw shares his formula for creating a focused business. He also talks about using systems and simplicity to grow your business. Learn more about Dave at http://www.chaosquiz.com

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0:54 He was diagnosed with off the charts ADD… and what he did to overcome that challenge

3:55 How an entrepreneur can overcome noise and chaos around them

“Chaos is the haphazard allocation of resources towards things of variable value”

5:50 Why simplifying things are critical for growing your business

8:15 What the jack of all trades is and how it shackles you to your business

10:57 He shares his process for creating a system and outsourcing the system

1. Improve your personal systems
2. Improve the business systems
3. Use the best technology
4. Utilize outsourcing
5. Make the hire

13:13 Problems business owners face when outsourcing

14:57 What you can do to uncover your personal strengths

16:16 He explains his early on struggles and failures… and how he overcame them

19:20 When to say “no” to your customers

22:30 Dave’s story about the best hot dog stand in the world


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