Former NASA Math Nerd Spots Data Patterns In Video Advertising with Tommie Powers – Episode 76

Tommie Powers has an ability to spot complex data patterns in video advertising. He shares the 3 levels of video engagement and how to build conversion conversations that actually work. He’s worked with the 500 Startups incubator which produced CreditKarma, Udemy and Intercom.

Episode Highlights

  • Understanding the growth side of video marketing through data
  • How he was a former NASA Space Nerd and found his gift of spotting data patterns
  • How he saw the vision that “TV was going to be on the internet”
  • Working with 500 Startups and seeing how they THINK BIG!
  • Why you must understand your customer and how to create conversation pieces for them.
  • What he does when he creates new conversation campaigns
  • Why buyers on YouTube are more valuable than buyers on Facebook
  • Tommies next level process for overcoming objections that boost conversions
  • Breaking down Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 engagement


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