Getting Investors to Fund Your Idea with Scott Paul and Austin Emery – Episode 69

We all come up with great ideas but only a small fraction of those ideas see light and even less actually get capital behind them. Scott Paul shares his perspective from selling multiple companies and investing in 25 startups. He talks about what he looks for in founders and why it’s more about the person than the idea.

We also have a conversation with Austin Emery who runs influencer marketing for one of the largest brands in the world. He also shares his thoughts on where the influencer world is going in the future and how products can align with that business model.

Episode Highlights

  • What Scott looks for when he’s investing in a founder and idea
  • The next innovation for influencer marketing
  • Why having a track record is more important than ever
  • How come Scott is looking for ideas Amazon can’t push out of the marketplace
  • How Austin is able to spot the magic behind the scene in the influencer world

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