Growing Your B2B Sales with Patrick Baynes – Episode 126

Increasing your B2B sales is tough and challenging: From generating leads, talking to your potential customers, and pushing the sales, not all strategies that work for others might work for you.

So how exactly can you grow your B2B sales?

To share his experiences handling different B2B companies, Spencer welcomes Patrick Baynes. Patrick was a cofounder of PeopleLinx, the first B2B social marketing platform based on the LinkedIn API, which raised $8 million in venture capital. He is now the CEO of Nerdwise, which enables sales teams to accelerate each stage of the buying process from prospect discovery to outreach and acquisition. Nerdwise has helped companies achieve over $1M in sales in just six months. Patrick talks about how he succeeded as an entrepreneur and what it took to get there. 

Episode Highlights

  • Who is Patrick Baynes and what is Nerdwise? 
  • What is the business of Nerdwise all about?
  • What’s unique about their marketing strategy?
  • Setting a foundation.
  • A lot of people don’t get past the point of reaching 1 to 2 Million in sales. Has Patrick experienced interacting with these people in his company?
  • Unpacking the B2B Strategies: Different ceilings Patrick saw and what he did to break through.
  • Things that he sees popping up from successful people who are using Nerdwise.
  • The best ways to get in touch with Patrick Baynes and Nerdwise.

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