How to Increase Business Cashflow and Your Prices Without Pushback with Stephen King – Episode 105

Knowing your finances and cashflow is critical to growing your business. Stephen King from talks about the simple steps to get your financials in order. They also dive into the step-by-step process for increasing your prices and by doing it in a way that customers don’t have pushback. In fact, they are happier. Stephen also includes a financial tool to assist your quickbooks accounting software.


  • Knowing your numbers in your business
  • What?s GrowthForce?
  • A conversation about cashflow
  • Finding a reason to be grateful
  • A client cashflow problem
  • A good time to change the deposit amount
  • Automate the processes
  • Pricing the jobs
  • The importance of seeing the numbers
  • Recommending and why?
  • Why you have to use a good bookkeeper
  • How you can improve your cashflow
  • How to increase profit

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