How To Sell Your Product To Big Box Retailers with Karen Waksman – Episode 73

Getting your products into big box retailers seems like an overwhelming task and that?s why most people avoid it and focus on Amazon selling. Karen Waksman is going to share why selling to large retailers may be easier than Amazon and a whole lot more profitable.

Karen is the real deal when it comes to retail relationships and retail selling. In this episode she?s helping us see a new growth strategy that often adds millions to the bottom line of business owners with not a tremendous amount of additional work. She also explains how to scale these product orders even if you?re tight on cash reserves.

Episode Highlights

  • Why retail is often one of the biggest return on investments for product owners.
  • How to get manufacturing and inventory capital without any cash out of pocket.
  • The magic questions to ask yourself for creating the right product.
  • Cash flow and how and when you get paid.
  • The #1 mistake most people make when starting out in the retail world.
  • Why boring products won?t cut it.
  • How you can sell to a retail chain under their own private label brand.
  • Karen demystifies the relationship with retail buyers and why it’s not what you expect.
  • How the real money is made in this industry.
  • How adding retail can dramatically impact your company valuation.


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