Human Centered Design – Understanding Your Customer with Oscar Chavez – Episode 70

Oscar Chavez has a remarkable story about losing 169 lbs, being on The Voice TV show and now running a successful health coaching company. In this interview Oscar and Spencer talk about why understanding your customers language and mindset is so critical and why he’s focused on building a community for his customers.

Episode Highlights

  • What he did after a complete stranger told him he should get weight loss surgery
  • Battling the subconscious fears of being overweight and finding ways to quiet those fears
  • How he overcame the physical weight and emotional weight
  • Why eating less and and working out more isn’t the solution to the problem
  • How the wrong information in the health industry sets people up for failure when they don’t even know it
  • Why you need to be obsessed with intimately knowing your customers
  • The principle of focusing on getting to basecamp first
  • When you have the right accountability in place it’s hard to fail
  • Human centered design – Understanding the customers language
  • Why you need to cut out separation between you and your customers


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