Jordan Harbinger – Creating Valuable Relationships

Jordan HarbingerJordan Harbinger from talks about how he creates valuable relationships that have helped him build a multi-million dollar company.

1:54 Explains what it means to be trapped with the “Golden Handcuffs”
4:35 His focus is 1. Good Customer Service 2. Killer Products 3. Delivering Valuable Free Content
5:02 Relationships are so critical to his multi-million dollar business, he explains why
9:00 How introductions open the doors to investors and key players
12:05 If you?re looking to get value, give value first
13:38 Why people don?t provide value to other, and how to overcome that
15:58 How he created the habit of helping others
20:30 He mentions the #1 thing that is responsible for his business success
21:57 The 4 Hour Work Week vs Paul Graham ?do things that aren?t scaleable”
25:05 What to do to provide value to team members, and how to get them to follow the example
28:03 The signals of a ?top performer?
33:04 How they grew from $100,000 to $1,000,000+ in sales and what they focused on
36:39 His parting advice that sets him apart from everyone else. Treat everyone like friends and family.
41:53 Jordan?s 48 hour challenge

?Stop looking for the return?

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