Rob Burns of prReach – Using Press Releases In Your Business

Rob BurnsRob Burns the founder of shares how press releases can grow your business. He also shares why he closed the door to all other opportunities to focus on prReach and the invisible payoff.


7:11 ?When business owners should think about doing a press release or news release

9:42 ?What journalists are looking for in news

12:40 ?Why it?s essential to produce good quality content

15:00 What he?s doing right now to grow his company

17:01 Why business owners don?t go for the opportunities in front of them

19:15 Twitter and Facebook will kill your business if?

22:45 How knowing your dollar per hour number can increase growth

26:25 Rob shares the metrics he?s focusing on to grow prReach

30:30 He shares the hardest things he?s had to say ?no? to

32:50 How he created the muscle of saying no

?NO is more powerful than YES?

36:18 What has prReach done to become an authority in the press release industry

39:00 Creating good content is essential, Rob explains why

44:33 To get press release tips he created a newsletter at

45:30 48 hour challenge

Say thanks to Rob Burns and check out his powerful press release company at