Scott Paul – Being a Growth Focused Entrepreneur

Scott PaulScott Paul is the founder of ArmorActive, Voto, and Instafluence. He’s grown his companies to multiple millions and now uses his skills with other startups.


[box style=”rounded”]”An entrepreneur needs to always be growth focused?and in fact they suck at everything else for the most part”[/box]

5:50 How Scott has “stumbled into everything”

Be opportunistic and make sure you are open to changing and doing something different if what you’re doing isn’t getting the traction you want.

6:37 What drives you?

Seeing something you put your hands on and watch it take flight. Doing something meaningful in a world where there are so few things that are meaningful.

9:32 Why he loves the digital world more than physical products

10:36 After investing over $300,000 into his social networking app he explains why he loves apps so much.

Making it is half the battle. Promoting it is where all fail.

21:00 The first thing I look to do when I’m starting a company is get that team

Once you want to execute you need to build up a team

“It’s important if you have traction, or even if you don’t have traction but you can share your vision with someone else get someone to buy out on your vision and be part of your team”

23:20 Scott explaining his growth role on the team

“An entrepreneur needs to always be growth focused and in fact they suck at everything else for the most part”

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24:32 What to do when the startup outgrows the founder

26:48 What advice are you giving other businesses for growth?

How he executes with live clients and the questions he asks.

28:43 Why people don’t focus on sales and getting validation.

31:08 What he would say to his current self 1 year ago.

33:15 The 48 hour challenge: