Shan Carballo – Mixing Business and Art

Shan CarballoShan Carballo is an incredible artist, musician, and entrepreneur. He built an eCommerce company to over $2,000,000 in annual sales mixing business and art in his bedroom at his parent’s house.??Now he uses music and art to inspire his work. Download his music at


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5:09 What he does to get inspiration to combine his artistic talents into his business ventures

6:33 How he started a $2,000,000 online retail company from a bedroom in his parent’s house.

8:02 Why he went to music school

9:02 The big mistake he made when he hired people to run his business

11:12 The mindset he created during he created when starting his business

15:18 What is his driving force?

21:20 The system for bringing the music outside of himself?

28:36 How he describes failure

31:12?[inlinetweet prefix=”Tweet This: ” tweeter=”@socialtrafficlab” suffix=””]Should every business person become an artist?[/inlinetweet]

35:29 How to gain inspiration

37:40 Shan issues the 48 hour challenge?


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