Stop Growing Your Business in Your Head – Episode 124

How do you decide whether to pursue your business idea or not? Spencer shares an important lesson for entrepreneurs and those who are planning to start their own business: You need to stop growing businesses in your head. He reiterates the importance of taking the first step of action, reassessing, and moving forward before making the final decision. After all, if the idea is not pushing you to take an action right away, it’s probably not good enough.

Episode Highlights

  • What Spencer enjoys most
  • The eye opening story
  • We need to stop growing our businesses in our head
  • It’s really for us to get wrapped up and to think about the final piece before we even get started
  • As you’re trying to grow, take the first step of action, reassess, then move forward from there
  • If it’s not driving you to take action right away, it’s probably not good enough

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