The Land of Opportunity with Jeff Badu – Episode 122

We’ve all heard the phrase: “America, the land of opportunity” and this episode is all about it! Spencer had a conversation with Jeff Badu, who is from Ghana, Africa. He tells us how he grew up, and what it was like. Even though he is still young, he has made his mark as a real estate professional, owning multiple real estate properties, and is impacting his community! Stay tuned to hear his fascinating story!

Episode Highlights

  • Who he is
  • You should invest your money early
  • The way Ghana is built
  • Returning to Ghana for a family vacation
  • Going to college
  • His real estate investment company
  • Try to do things better
  • There’s so much financial illiteracy 
  • Free education in his website
  • Creating businesses that are providing massive value 
  • What’s next for Jeff

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