Understanding Your Employees with Lynn Thomas – Episode 123

After experiencing working from home, a lot of employees refuse to return to work, especially after the scare of COVID-19. As an employer who prefers working on location, what are the ways you can encourage your team to enjoy working back in an office? In this episode, Spencer and Lynn Thomas talk about how you can build stronger connections with your employees and strategies that you can apply in your business.

Episode Highlights

  • How COVID-19 has given companies a great opportunity to build stronger connections with employees.
  • COVID has changed the relationship between the workplace, employees, and employers.
  • As a manager and employer, should you share issues which are hard like your mental health, physical health, and overall well being to your team?
  • How does an employer, who’s used to having employees within the company inside a location, decide whether they’ll implement the permanent work from home setup or not?
  • Make your employees and yourself be part of your future.
  • Do you prefer working in an office or virtually?
  • What are the different ways you can discourage boredom in the office, without working remotely?
  • Coming from COVID, people miss the social connection, the human connection.
  • Caring plus passion equals empathy.
  • You want to be trusted by your employees.
  • Connect to your employees by asking, “As a human being, how are you doing?”
  • There’s a slice of genius in every employee.
  • Be curious enough to ask a question and patient enough to listen.

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