Unlocking Entry Level Employees Potential with Shelby Scarbrough – Episode 127

When you’re hiring employees, do you think of their future in the company? Are you picturing them as the future supervisor or manager? This is the case for Shelby Scarbrough.

Spencer interviews Shelby Scarbrough to talk about how she started working as an all-around skilled worker for their family-owned Burger King franchise to own several stores. She talks about hiring people, not just to fill the job, but to train them as they work their way up as a manager. Shelby also reiterated the importance of looking at the good things and the positive pieces, rather than the negative ones, when approaching businesses and handling people.

Episode Highlights

  • Who the guest is.
  • Shelby started out at their family-owned Burger King franchise.
  • Is it challenging to get employees then compared to now?
  • Employees working their way up as managers.
  • Assumptions of anticipating in a first step job to not getting paid how much they should.
  • Different approach: Instead of focusing on negative things, she’s looking at the good things, the characteristics and skills, the positive pieces.
  • Wisdom to impart to other people who want to start.
  • If she’ll start her business now, in this era, how can Shelby be approaching it differently?
  • Why do the core foundational values need to change?

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