Build a Solid Exit Strategy for your Business with Ashley Micciche – Episode 116

Spencer talks with Ashley Micciche, the CEO of True North Retirement Advisors. They discuss business, finance, and some of the essentials that will help you out in your business. Ashley is an outstanding, brilliant business thinker and business mind.

Episode Highlights

  • How Ashley explains what her company does
  • All types of clients
  • Every business is unique
  • Metrics that determine business value
  • The two main drivers of value
  • Not having document processes or procedures
  • Making your business more valuable
  • The valuation of a business
  • As your revenue grows, your business grows
  • The most successful businesses that she works with
  • Building an exit plan property
  • A big part of an exit plan 
  • Continuing to work in that business 
  • Take the time to find out what your business is worth

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