Alex McClafferty and Dan Norris – Content Marketing for Startups

AlexMcClafferty and DanNorrisInterview with Alex McClafferty and Dan Norris They generate customers solely through content marketing and will put out 365 pieces of content this year. Within 6 months they went from $476 to a recurring revenue of $10,500 month.


1:47 ?How they went from $476/mo in revenue to $10,500/mo of recurring revenue in 6 months

3:12 ?Why they are focusing on content marketing to grow their business

4:37 What they do to build trust with their customers

5:48 When they started out they focused on the wrong customer only making $49 in 4 months. Alex explains how they pivoted to the right customer.

7:27 ?How they prepare content for their marketing and achieve the goal of 365 pieces of content in 2014

Their current content formula:
1-2 Podcast interview a week
2-3 Blog articles a week
1 Guest post a week
1 Weekly podcast on

11:53 ?What they do to manage their projects, tasks, and content

13:07 ?Balancing the working ?on? the business and not ?in? the business

15:52 ?Avoiding a high churn rate is critical for a recurring revenue business? they explain what they do to keep customers long term

20:39 ?Key focus areas when starting a new business

22:02 ?Execution is key and why they?ve started a new business within 7 days

23:39 ?The only validation indicator that matters

24:41 ?Why are early entrepreneurs and startups scared to put something out there for sale?

28:35 ?How being in San Francisco effect their startup.

30:35 ? Talking about the orchestration of their team

33:10 ?What?s the next step for

36:25 ?How granular they get with their goals?

39:02 ?Parting advice to entrepreneurs looking to grow their business

40:10 ?Their angel investor elevator pitch

41:57 ?Who their product is for

43:35 ?Say thanks to Dan and Alex at and on their podcast