BGP 026 – Kevin Davis: Pay Per Click Advertising on Facebook

Kevin DavisKevin Davis of Paid Traffic and 987 Digital talks about how businesses can leverage pay per click advertising on Facebook to grow their business.

In this interview, you’ll see exactly what a 7 figure ad manager does for Facebook pay per click Ad campaigns.

0:30  Kevin talks about vanity metrics vs business critical metrics

The metrics he focuses on:
How many leads came in?
How much money did we spend?
How much did those leads cost?

3:00  How to tell which type of lead to acquire and how much to pay

“An email lead has no value unless it converts to a sale”

4:46  Why eliminating low-cost campaigns can make sense

8:35  Cash-flowing campaigns is the stopping point for many business owners. He shares how to solve that problem

10:17  Obstacles you may face when running Facebook Ads

12:15  Why focusing on “LIKES” and “SHARES” will KILL your business

14:11  The “silent sales force” …retargeting

18:29  Why he uses multiple retargeting platforms

21:56  Case Study with

26:00  Why he suggests starting with 10-15% retargeting budget

29:49  When you shouldn’t run ads

32:18  How to use retargeting to run ads to your internal email list

38:07  Using partner categories to SCALE CAMPAIGNS

40:55  Get a FREE $70 Retargeting Ad Credit  and

43:08  The 48 hour challenge

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