BGP 028 Nancy Tedeschi – Inventing Physical Products

Nancy TedeschiNancy Tedeschi is the inventor of Snap It Screw. We talk about inventing physical products, getting on the shelves of Wal-Mart, and creating a global brand.

Her invention has revolutionized the eye glass industry and made millions of dollars.

0:00 – Introducing Nancy and her inventions

1:14 – Her biggest breakthrough “Snap It Screw”

3:10 – Inventions? ?if you can do something simpler than what?s out there now, then that?s how you test whether you have a good product or not?

3:41 – There are 2 kinds of inventors

4:24 – She talks about the many challenges while growing up

7:37 – How she found her confidence

10:25 – Why she QUIT

12:11 – Getting her patents

16:34 – Stephen Key told Nancy she was nuts for taking Snap It Screw to retail

17:53 – How it took over a year to get her product into Wal-Mart

24:56 – Why fear almost paralyzed her

28:35 – ?It?s all about the money, until it?s not about the money”

31:00 – Bootstrapping vs. taking Venture Capital

32:22 – Advice for creating physical products.

35:50 – The 48 hour challenge

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