BGP 031 Davis Smith – Pledge for Good

Davis SmithDavis Smith, the founder of about raising millions from VC?s to start his businesses, while maintaining a pledge for good to the world

0:29 – Introduction

1:12 – His first startup

4:13 – Growing up in Latin America and world traveling

5:30 – ?Talking about taking risks and stepping into the business full-time

7:28 – His first business exit

9:00 – After selling his company he went to Wharton School of Business

12:55 – Raising venture money on Sandhill Road and starting

15:20 – Obstacles and surprises he faced with

20:19 – Meeting Edgar, the pivotal life changing moment while living in Peru

26:22 – Non profit vs profits for good

28:48 – Creating the Cotopaxi business model at 2am

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul? Dieter Uchtdorf

30:42 – How to find and apply your inner creations and business models

?It takes the same amount of time to build a hundred million dollar business as it does to build a one million dollar business?

32:16 – Closing the feedback loop

38:37 – Bootstrapping vs venture backed business

41:24 – The Questival, catapulting the Cotopaxi brand and awareness

44:06 – They are a benefit corporation set to give back for the life of the business

48:06 – His vision of the company in the future

50:40 – Davis?s 48 hour challenge

Check out their cause and gear at